Renting Vs. Buying – Which is the smarter choice?

What’s the new trend?

Renting products and equipment is the new up and coming phase. Many people have a common misconception that you only can rent stuff such as houses or cars. That is simply not true anymore. In today’s world, people have the option of renting many different things such as; baby toys, camera equipment, laptops, projectors, tech equipment, and you can even rent clothes now! Yes, you heard me right! You can rent clothes such as wedding dresses, dresses, suits, tuxedos, and so much more!

rent a toyYou may be wondering why we included baby toys and wedding outfits in that list. One might think that baby toys are a sentimental object especially when the baby grows up into an adult. However, we are not saying you have to rent all the toys you have for your child, we are saying that children lose interest in a lot of things in a short period of time. To cater to their constant change, rent out baby toys until they get bored with it. Once they get bored of it, you can rent other toys as well to keep them entertained. This would make your kid the happiest kid alive. It would not burn through a hole in your wallet when the time comes to bring in a new toy.


Renting clothesWedding Dress for Rent

As for your wedding outfits, it has become a current trend to rent a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and tuxedos for your big day. One may argue that it better to buy those clothes so that it would become a memory of a great day, however, wedding dresses are extremely expensive and it may burn a larger hole into your budget. So by renting these items, you can get a much more beautiful dress for less than half the purchasing price! This would lead to your having more money in your budget to spend on making the atmosphere of your wedding even more incredible.

Equipment rental

Equipment rental is most popular amongst things to rent. Some popular products that people are currently renting are camera equipment. Rent out a bunch of camera equipment for an event you are hosting or you are a skilled photographer however you may not have the funds right now to buy the right equipment for you. What is the next best thing? Rent out the equipment you would like to try out.

Photography? Sure, Why not?

Nature Photography with rented equipment

Nature is beautiful and provides an incredible and natural backdrop which would be perfect to try out different photography styles. RentSmart Asia offers different DSLR cameras from different well-known brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Camera enthusiasts would also benefit from this concept because if they want to switch the camera brand they are currently using to a completely different model then they would be able to rent out the camera brand they are interested. That being said, these high end cameras are not just for photographers, individuals that want to get into photography but are not sure about which brand to buy or which brand they are most comfortable with.

Therefore, an individual can rent out these world class cameras as they want. They would be able to conduct as many photography experiments they want with different lenses. The best part about renting these products is having the ability to try out all these expensive equipment without spending so much money on it


Rent Anything on Rent Smart

So what are you waiting for? Instead of splurging a huge amount of cash in one go, rent out different cameras and see which is the best fit and most comfortable for you to use during a photography session. Feel free to head over to our website to get the best deals in the market.

Make use of your money!Making Money on RentSmart

Make full use of the rented equipment! The sole purpose of renting out equipment is to save cost. If you rent out a piece of equipment for a couple of days but not use it then it would be a complete waste of money! Plan your rental periods according and ensure you are making full use of the amount you have paid. At RentSmart Asia, we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the product.

Another reason why renting products and equipment is more common now is people want that additional income. When Grab and Uber first came into Malaysia, people were doing Grab part time after they were done with their full time job because they wanted to earn that additional income. Having 2 sources of income is extremely beneficial because it would enable you to have financial flexibility. Having financial flexibility would give you the opportunity to invest the additional money made.


Renting out things that you do not use would give you that additional income and it would also remove the clutter around your house caused by

having too many things. Removing the clutter from your home would make it more welcoming to guests that enter your house. It would create additional space to rearrange your furniture, get new furniture, or just make your home look more spacious.

Books rental


The final and most important reason is that it creates freedom and convenience. People today love to have these 2 things. It gives them the freedom to do whatever they want. It also provides convenience to get what they want, when they want it. Renting gives you that freedom. If you’re ever in doubt, take the RentSmart route.


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