Let’s talk about Commitments – It’s not you, It’s me

Let’s talk about Commitments – It’s not you, It’s me

Image result for commitmentsLet’s be honest, we have so much commitments at certain times. The moment we finish one thing, another has to be completely. Don’t get me started on maintaining a work life balance. In some cases, individuals live in their office. Especially in big organisations. They would have project that would require the employees to stay overnight. If you do manage to maintain a balance, you would be too tired to function the next day. I am aware about this. I go to the gym before work and then I head into the office. Then I make plans after work and it completely drains me for the next day because I’ve done so much physically and mentally

Image result for triangle picture good grades sleep social lifeHowever, that’s how life goes. We have to give up one thing in order to receive something else. I saw an image of a triangle and on each point it said good grades, sleep, and social life. Pick 2 and give up one. This related to university stuff so either you give up sleep and have a good relationship with your friends and good grades. Or you give up having a good relationship with friends to have proper sleep and good grades. I found that picture interesting and it reminding me of the topic for today’s article.

This doesn’t only relate to the workplace as well. It also relates to the products you have at home. For example, if you spend money to purchase a piano, then you have an obligation to play it and take care of it. Unless you’re extremely rich and want a piano just to lay around in your house then by all means. But, the purpose of buying that piano is so that you would make use of the money that you spent. If it is laying around, then it would feel like you have wasted your money.

How would you manage all the commitments?

Image result for commitmentsWell, from experience I can say that all you need to do is manage your work well. Yes, it is easier said than done but it’s all about making sure your workload doesn’t over exceed when the day ends. What I mean by this is that you wouldn’t want to leave today’s work for tomorrow. Tomorrow comes with its own set of problems and you would not want to bunch all these problems up together.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t keep accepting all these commitments if you know you can’t deliver. It’s is okay to say no. Especially when you have too much on your plate, it would lead to stress and anxiety. The feeling of letting people down is never nice. But it’s human to say no and say that you are already taking on too much. It would be bad for your mental health and taking care of your mental health us extremely important.

Renting products

RentSmart Logo 512x512Coming back to the product aspect of the article. By renting the products you want to use, it gives you no sense of any commitments. This means that even though you don’t use the product much, you would not feel that bad. If you look at it from a financial point of view then it would save you so much money. Rent out a guitar for less than half of its purchasing price! Head over to RentSmart Asia to find out how to save money!

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