Earn additional income – Why is it a worthwhile thing?

earn additional income

Everyone would love to earn additional income. That’s why when Grab and Uber came into Malaysia, many Malaysians jumped on the opportunity to earn additional income. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make more than what they are currently earning, right? There are so many things you can do with additional money. Personally, I would prefer to save the money for a rainy day rather than spend it. But then again,that’s just my own personal opinion. Many other people would have different viewpoints, which is a good thing! If everyone was like me then the world would be a boring place. That being said, there are so many ways to earn additional income.


Grab and Uber

Earn additional income – Why is it a worthwhile thing? | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New BuyingAs mentioned before, Grab and Uber came into play and most Malaysians jumped on the opportunity. 2 separate jobs means 2 separate incomes. The advantage of driving for Grab and Uber is the fact that you have the flexibility of working when is convenient for you. By having this flexibility, individuals can get enough rest after their main job before jumping into their part time job. This gave them another opportunity because there was a time where Grab drivers were earning more than what their regular jobs paid them. Which allowed them to quit their full time jobs and earn more money on Grab.


What can you do with the additional income?


Image result for investInvesting your additional money would create another opportunity to earn even more money. However, when it comes to investments, there’s a risk involved as well. Sometimes, it may go well for you and you would be sitting on a nice pile of cash. Other times, it may go bad and you would lose the money you invested. Since you would be investing the additional income made, nothing would happen to the original amount in your bank account. However, the risk of losing money is still there.

Go for a holiday with the additional funds earned

Going for a holiday is one of the main things people do when they get more money. Going on a holiday with the additional funds you made would give you the ability to explore anywhere you want. Whether it’s outside Malaysia or exploring the wonders that this country offers. Different beaches in different states or take a historical tour around Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. It all depend on how much money you would want to spend.

Change up the appearance of your house

Image result for renovationsThis is a not so common unless you have made a decent amount of additional. I know somebody’s family that would want to renovate their house because they have made additional funds. They are planning to redo the kitchen and expand the living room. Having this option is only available to them because them made additional money and they didn’t spend it on a holiday or new things. So there is always an option to change up the look of your house, if you really want to and have the right amount of money for it.

How do you earn additional income?

Renting out your products to earn additional income 

RentSmart Logo 512x512Renting out your unused products would definitely give you additional income. If you have a DSLR camera that you barely use, why not rent it out? What’s so great about renting out your camera? Well, you would be able to get paid by just giving your product to another person for a couple of days. You literally do not have to do any work and you would get paid! The best part is that you can rent it whenever you would want to rent it out. There isn’t a specific time period! Feel free to use our online platform to start making money as a vendor.


Image result for additional incomeIt’s always nice to make money. Regardless of what people say, everyone would want to make money. Yes, money can’t buy you happiness but I’ve never heard of someone that would turn down a million dollars. The point of this article is to shed light on the fact that you can earn additional funds and that there is another source of income.


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