Popular Reasons Why People Rent Action Cameras

rent action cameras

Part 1: Why rent?

Some people might not have the slightest idea of renting an item — let alone rent action cameras. But to their astonishment, rental services are actually a pretty big business in this day and age, considering the fact that people are spending more time at home and they might need one of those things that their office has but they don’t.

In the context of the world of photography, even professional photographers would sometimes rent a camera or lens due to certain reasons, mainly to substitute a broken one or they are involved in big productions and require more cameras. All these already justify why renting is relevant and in some cases, might be better than buying. Let’s see what are the popular reasons people would rent action cameras, shall we?

Saves you a ton

packingImagine you are planning to go on a vacation and you want to record the experience. You know an iPhone is not going to cut it and a digital camera is just too big and quite a load of weight to carry with you. The last thing you want to regret is wasting your energy on carrying unnecessary stuff. This is the right time to rent action cameras. With its usual size that can easily fit into your pocket, they are very light-weight.

While you are packing your stuff, you might realize how much a DSLR would eat and not to mention the charger you need to bring also. It’s definitely going to contribute to a heavy bag problem and you don’t want to make that happen.

Apart from avid adventurers or travel vloggers, other people would rarely have a GoPro with them. Buying one is actually a not-so-wise decision if you are aware that you won’t frequently use it. A cost of the latest GoPro could affect your vacation budget which that money can be used for something else. That is why to rent action cameras  is probably a smart choice for that 3 days and 2 nights trip after all.

Quality? No need to panic!

Popular Reasons Why People Rent Action Cameras | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New BuyingYou might be afraid to rent because of the unfamiliarity to use the service or fear that the camera is broken/counterfeit. First of all, let me assure you that there is a very slim chance that this might be happening as most rental services that I know like RentSmart Asia would have you check the item themselves or a guarantee for a full refund if it is truly broken in the middle of the rental period. To top it off, I believe it would be more logical for people to get a rental camera from a trusted and highly-reviewed shop rather than using a shady store with no reviews from users at all.

“It is already used so many times, it won’t be as good as a new one”, said a worried customer. I can’t deny the fact that it is being reused from time to time, but if you already know how a camera rental service works, this is not a big of an issue. Owners will have a regular inspection on their cameras and will do a thorough checking. if there is any scratches, or broken glass, I am certain that they will not put them on rent unless they already get it fixed.

Quality-wise, I don’t want to sound exaggerating but action cameras especially from GoPros and DJIs are known for being super durable even after a long use and in extreme conditions. So rest assured as you high-key won’t regret to rent action cameras after actually trying and see the results with your own eyes.

Try something new

The very enjoyable thing about renting for me is any new stuff that is released would also be made available for rent. You will be stunned when you can find a GoPro Hero 9 that is just recently released already available at your local rental store. With a much better price point, you can flex with your friends and colleagues how fast you can get your hands on the latest camera in the market.

Nonetheless, you can also get to try other action cameras that you haven’t discovered before. People keep saying GoPro and GoPro when it comes to durable cameras, in fact there are so many other cameras from well-known brands that produce the same kind. For instance, we have insta360’s One R and Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V. If you happen to be a vlogger, why don’t you try and play with these varieties as you might not know if there is a less popular camera that could be better than the people’s favorites.

rent action cameras

Part 2: How to pick the best one

Follow these some of the vital attributes when searching for a rental action camera:

  • Video quality
    Aim for a camera that has 4K resolution or beyond. Take into account other things as well such as HDR support, 60fps frame rates, slow motion, and integrated shooting modes. Great example would be GoPro Hero 9.
  • Video stabilization
    Find a camera that has their stabilization ability equipped. This is a key point to a perfect shot, especially while doing those sports/activities.
  • Durability
    The best action cameras on the market can withstand extreme temperatures, dirt, a dive into the ocean, or even being dropped. A GoPro is an all-rounder when it comes to this one.
  • Images
    Aside from video, a decent action camera should also be able to take amazing still pictures.
  • Wide angle lens
    You should get an action camera that has a wide view available to make it possible for you to capture all the action in one shot

The most important thing to do when you are looking for an excellent quality camera for action shooting is to go with a reputable shop/service who will provide you with a high quality, undamaged product who you can trust.

Shop around for the best prices. Once you have a few dealers you like on your list, read their reviews and check their store’s review. If you find no reason to be suspicious, you can go ahead and rent from them. RentSmart is one of the go-to places people go when searching for camera rentals. Be it GoPro or DJI, RentSmart is well-known for its diverse variety of choices with such a bargain price.Popular Reasons Why People Rent Action Cameras | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New Buying


It’s true, of course, that there’s nothing like owning your own item, including a camera. But should anyone claim that you’re mental to consider rental especially to rent action cameras, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that you’re actually rather wise. So, before you do any of those extreme sports, be sure to check out the best options available for you on the rental market!

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