The price of New Technological products in today’s world

Birth of new technological products

new technological productsThe price of new technological products now is always fluctuating. In today’s digital age, it comes as no surprise that the technology offered now would be replaced within 6 months to 1 year. It is constantly changing. New technology would constantly be created. Take a look at Apple; they are constantly coming up with updates and new products every year. In fact, there’s a new software and iPhone coming in September. They just released a phone last year. The interesting part is that people would still line up outside the Apple store just to get their hands on the latest product.




Maintaining Competitive Advantage

Image result for apple companyWhy do they do this? Since Apple has a lot of competitors which are coming up with more products and different ideas. Apple would have to do the same in order to stay relevant. They are doing well because they did an incredible job building up their brand image and customer loyalty. Apple used to be the market leader, especially when it came to their camera quality. However, some android phones now have better quality cameras compared to the iPhone.

Due to the increased competition, Apple had to step up their game. Android phones offer 3 cameras now. There are rumours that Apple’s new iPhone has 3 cameras now. The fact that they no longer set the trends anymore shows that the level of competition is increasing. The iPhone 5s was the first phone in the market to have a fingerprint scanner. This gave them a technological upperhand in the market. Other phones followed what apple did and now having a fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone has become a norm.


Summary of New Technological products

The point I am trying to make is that technology will always change. Even with cameras. There are new features that cameras offer nowadays, it’s hard to keep up with the up and coming tech. Unless you’re a camera person then you would know more than me 🙂


Cameras and why are they so expensive?

Image result for cameras dslrThe prices of cameras are really, really expensive. There are some cameras that go for over RM5,000. Some people would not have the funds to keep on changing cameras. So, what’s the next best option? Rent the cameras you want to! Bet you didn’t know that you could rent a camera, right? Well, you can! The best part is that you would only spend less than half of the purchase price!





Image result for renting productsWell, the most obvious benefit is that it is way cheaper compared to buying the actual product. Instead of spending RM4,000 for one camera. You can spend less than RM200.00 per day to rent it out. So, this would be the smarter choice financially

Another benefit is that you would be able to test out the camera to see if you actually enjoy using or not. It is a lot of money to purchase a proper camera so being spending those big bucks. Why not test the waters first so that you would not feel like you made a mistake. Once you make that payment, there is no going back. Unless the shop is very lenient on their return policy.

Image result for technological #Lastly, you make full use of the product. Normally when you buy a product, there is no guarantee that you would make use of the product fully. Here’s a real life example; my mom bought a guitar because she wanted to learn how to play. She never really got around to learn how to play so it’s just sitting in my parents bedroom collecting dust. If she rented the guitar, she would have spent more time learning it because she has a limited time with it.




RentSmart Logo 512x512Saving money is extremely important. That’s what RentSmart Asia is all about. We do not want any of you to regret any purchases that you have made. We are giving you the opportunity to test the water to ensure that every big purchase you make would end without regrets.  Make sure you have conducted the right research as well. Don’t buy a product blindly because most of the time it would end badly. I know they say the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. But that is not always the case. Next time you are going to buy something that costs a lot of money, do proper research and read reviews.

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