RentSmart Asia was founded in Feb 2018. It was founded when one of the founders was left with a bitter experience of having to pay a huge amount of money for  something that he only needed to use once; only to find out much later that he has a friend who also purchased the same item idling at home.

The founders over a casual discussion realized that this problem doesn’t seem to have a solution today that connects people who have belongings idling to people in need of it. We quickly realized that there is an opportunity here to make a difference.

We envision RentSmart to be a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover and book items from near or far. This platform is accessible online, be it mobile or laptop. Overall, RentSmart provides a safe platform, insurance protection and convenient delivery services for both renters and owners.

Behind the scenes

About RentSmart | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New Buying

Once RentSmart was founded, we needed to find out what the market thought of this idea. The best solution to find out what the public thought about this idea is to conduct a market survey to determine if the idea was viable or is this a real problem people wanted a solution to. To our surprise, we had about 100 respondents to our survey and the survey results validated our idea. The results showed that 93% of the respondents would use this service; either as an owner, renter or both.

Since then, we have put in countless hours to develop the process of interaction with the system, we have also worked out our strategy on how to develop and system and the execution strategy, which includes marketing digitally.

We have got RentSmart to fruition today. RentSmart has great potential to expand within Asia Pacific. According to a survey from Nielsen, Asia Pacific has the highest adoption to the sharing economy. We can position ourselves as the leaders in the Asia Pacific market.


Benefits of RentSmart

Generate Income

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rent your items out to someone who would need it while you have no use for it? Upload your items onto RentSmart and let your belongings work for you.

Save Money

By listing your belongings on RentSmart, you are connecting the world to the need of things and helping people save money by renting instead of buying, thanks to the world of sharing economy.

Connect with People

It’s through sharing with each other that we develop meaningful relationships and create effective local communities. And it feels good. Get borrowing on RentSmart Asia and see for yourself.

Save the Environement

We can help to reduce wastage by buying when necessary. This way we create a more sustainable living environment as we continue to reuse existing item that still has useful life in it.

Better Items

Sometimes you would buy a cheap camera for a family event because of budget constraint and end up with low quality pictures. On RentSmart you can a rent from DSLR to mirrorless camera with much affordable price for rent and it's much more worth it

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