RentSmart Asia is Malaysia’s first technology platform that connects people with excess inventory to those who need it safely. You can rent anything from tools, to sports equipment, furniture, baby items or even electronic items.

We ensure that every item that rented through RentSmart is indemnified up to RM 10,000. To ease the transfer of items to and fro the vendor, we have integrated delivery as an option. You can think of us as the Airbnb for things.

Safe Platform

RentSmart automatically protects each item up to RM 10,000 during the rental period
RentSmart has an optional delivery service to ease transfer of items between owner & renter
To ensure that RentSmart is a trusted platform, every registered user is verified
At the end of the rental, the Renter and Owner is requested to review their rental experience

User Registration

In order to begin renting or lending any of your items on RentSmart, you’ll first need to register and become a verified user. In 2 simple steps you can be registered and verified on RentSmart.

To register on RentSmart, simply insert your email and create your password. After that, you are now a member of RentSmart Asia as easy as that.

Complete Profile Verification by uploading:

  • Individual Registration: Upload a Selfie with your National ID
  • Company Registration: Upload your company registration details

Using RentSmart as a Renter

Once you are registered on RentSmart, its so easy to use RentSmart. In 5 simple steps you would have completed your rental experience and saved at least 70% of the purchase price of the item.

Using RentSmart as an Owner

After you are registered as an Owner on RentSmart, in 5 simple steps you would have already collected rent for your item.