Top 5 CMCO Activities You Can Do to Get Through it at Home


It’s good that you’re being a good citizen and obeying the rules, but you might want someone to give you a little company so let’s get yourself sorted out with some recommendations for you to do at home to get through your CMCO.

Getting through lockdown is such a pain in the as— but let’s not allow the negativity gets the best of you. While you probably struggle to get through each day with the same exact routine and at the same time you don’t want to risk yourself being outside, things might start to get pretty boring and dry, especially when you’re living alone with no one to socialize with.

Be a chef

Top 5 CMCO Activities You Can Do to Get Through it at Home | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New Buying

If you had been busy at work all this while and you probably got no time to cook for yourself, or maybe you took the easy way by ordering FoodPanda or Grab to fill up your tummy. I can completely relate to this as I can be super lazy at times and cooking does take a lot of dedication. For someone who does not have any idea how to cook, now is the time for it. Watch all Gordon Ramsay’s videos on Youtube and buy yourself the groceries you need.

Just be careful while holding those knives while cutting onions and don’t forget to turn off the gas. Last thing you want to have is to set your own house on fire after reading over some articles on the internet telling you to learn cooking. After you’re done, post it on social media and let people comment what they think about your food!

Party for yourself

Top 5 CMCO Activities You Can Do to Get Through it at Home | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New BuyingNothing can beat a little me time for yourself with nobody around. You can let out that beast inside you and have fun, things that you can do if you are an introvert or maybe can help you be more expressive of your feelings. One suggestion that can be worth trying out is to have a karaoke machine and sing your heart out.

When else do you have this kind of opportunity and it’s much easier if you are stressed over your work, you can turn to the karaoke machine and just sing. Just make sure to be a considerate neighbor and don’t turn the volume too high or go ham late at night.

Movie time

Top 5 CMCO Activities You Can Do to Get Through it at Home | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New BuyingDuring the day you might be working until late afternoon, and probably you get pretty bored at night and wonder what to do rather than scrolling through Twitter or Tiktok. Well, let’s try out movie night!

What a great way to end your hectic and tiring day with some great and entertaining movies paired with hot chocolate drink and some potato chips. But watching movies on your TV or from your laptop is too old-fashioned and common, so let’s try it in a different way.

Get a projector and connect it to your laptop. Make sure to have an empty wall you can use to project the light and play the movie. Not only is it more wide-screen but it also gives you the cinema vibe that you might currently miss due to this CMCO going on.

Another way to do this is to project it to the ceiling and you can watch while laying down! Just make sure don’t choke down those chips while you’re on it.


Top 5 CMCO Activities You Can Do to Get Through it at Home | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New Buying

You might feel like sharing what you do to other people but too scared or shy. Some people are blessed with the ability to paint, cook or, play instruments, and some people out there might want to learn or at least get something from you. Why not try vlogging and make videos of how the things you like to do. Maybe from there you can get friends who share the same interest and can exchange perspectives with one another.

If you happen to not have any equipment to record yourself, why not try renting a camera first and see how it goes. To look more professional and have a better outcome, pair up the camera with a microphone and a few lighting equipment. Did you know that people can earn money from just publishing a video on Youtube?

Game on

Top 5 CMCO Activities You Can Do to Get Through it at Home | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New BuyingI save the best for the last and personally my favorite. Gaming! I’m not sure if it’s a boy’s thing or whatnot but I’ve known some girls who enjoy playing video games, even though the genre might be very different from one another but hey, it’s still a game.

From desktop, mobile or console, you just have to choose which one you enjoy the most. Gaming is known for a stress-relief mechanism and usually boys do it all the time to escape from reality.

Have a try and maybe you can truly make use of it. To make it easy for you, just rent a PlayStation 4 or even a VR Headset and have it delivered to your doorstep. Why rent? Gaming can be very addicting and to certain extent can affect your productivity at home, so best for you to keep it temporary and if you decide to get one, it’s totally up to you.

Have fun trying out all these recommendations. At this current moment people need to just stay at home and avoid going out if possible. At RentSmart, we are also adapting to this situation and to make everything safe for both owners and renters, we encourage the use of RentSmart Delivery to minimize contact and not require you to go outside of your house. With that, people can hopefully enjoy renting/shopping online without any concern. Have a good one.

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