Is delivery available on every item?

It depends on the owner. If owner sets their item to have a delivery service option enabled, then the item can be delivered to you. Otherwise, you have to collect the item from the owner yourself.

Check out our Deliver Options page for more details regarding delivery.

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How much does delivery cost?

If you’re using RentSmart Delivery, the renters will bear the fee. Delivery cost depends on the item

If you’re using Owner’s delivery, it depends on the owner to charge the renter or not. The cost will depend solely on the owner.

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Are my items covered by the RentSmart Protect whilst in transit?

Yes, your items are covered whilst in transit provided that you package the items adequately for transit.

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How do I set the pick-up / drop-off address for my items?

You can set the pick-up / drop-off address for your items in the product details, the same place where you can edit the price, descriptions, etc. 

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How do I confirm a pick-up / drop off time with the customer?

If the renter is using your delivery service, as an owner you are prompted to send the item on the day it should be passed to the renter according to the date. Plus, renters can always connect with the owner after purchasing. They can find the option in an email once a booking is accepted.

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Am I charged for offering delivery to my customer?

Any delivery costs are paid for by the renters. RentSmart will not charge the owner any fee

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If the owner fails to keep their end of the deal, are they penalized?

RentSmart will first conduct an investigation to determine why the Vendor did not keep their end of the deal. Not adhering to our terms of service is a breach of trust between the Vendor and RentSmart, and appropriate action will be taken.

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What happens if the owner does not show up? Would RentSmart Asia do anything?

RentSmart would contact the vendor to find out why they failed to show up. If the reason is negligence, RentSmart will take the appropriate action.

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For products that have no shipping details, do I contact the owner or would RentSmartAsia help?

We have 2 methods to get in touch with the Vendor.

Product Enquiry: You have the option to enquire about the product; this is usually public conversation and relates to general information about the product. Questions that are relevant, would be released to the product page, which will allow other users to see the questions and answer.

Chat: Upon booking the item, you also have the option to chat with the Vendor to decide what time the item needs to be delivered.

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What happens if the item arrives damaged?

If the item arrives damaged, please contact RentSmart. We do cover if the item is damaged during transit. If you notice it is damaged whilst the driver is still there, you may ask the driver to keep the item.

Useful link: RentSmart Protect

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