In today’s photography, we have VR, mirrorless cameras and even 8K resolution. Drones are the latest invention under films & photography categories, They are used in many fields including recreational and photography.  RentSmart gives you the ability to let you rent if you are still unsure what to buy for your first camera.

Aside from being a lot cheaper than buying a new camera, you can try camera rental to test cameras that you have never used before or any unfamiliar photography gear. When you rent from us, you can add on any additional gears to your camera (if available).

At RentSmart, we have a wide range of camera rental and equipment gear for photography. Browse our list of products that are available for camera rental. Start renting from top brands including Sony, Canon and Nikon which you can find here. Camera lenses rental are also obtainable from the mentioned brands, such as Nikkor lenses for Nikon and Zeiss lenses for Sony. You can find other types of camera rental as well which are GoPro, the famous action camera and Fujifilm’s camera for vintage looking pictures. We also have a video camera rental from Panasonic. For lighting equipment, try the Apurture’s products. We have got two famous brands for sound and audio, which are Sennheiser and Rode. Products include microphone rental and wireless mic rental.
All users who have registered are verified and trusted. Every item rented on RentSmart is insured, click here to learn more about RentSmart Protect. For more information, read our Privacy Policy and FAQ.