When will I receive my deposit back?

Renter’s deposits are also refunded within 24 hours after the renter makes the claim on RentSmart. The option to make the claim on RentSmart is only available after the Owner confirms that the item has been returned in good condition

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How do owners get paid?

Within 24 hours of the withdrawal submission, you will receive the payment . The amount will be credited to your RentSmart account which you can check on the Owner Dashboard. From there, you can withdraw the amount you have.

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When do owners get paid?

Within 24 hours after a booking is completed and the item has been returned

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How much does it cost to rent on RentSmart?

To help operate the RentSmart platform, we charge a service fee on all transactions of 5%.

No subscription fee

It’s free to sign up and list your items and there’s no fee for browsing other people’s listings on the platform.

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