What happens if I receive damaged goods?

We will investigate to determine which party is at fault and remedial action will be taken subsequent to our investigation. There is no impact to you as a Renter if you did not damage the item/product. However, if you, the Renter, caused damage to the item, we will forfeit your deposit.

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How should I arrange the handover and return?

Once the due date comes, you need to return the item or the owner picks it up right away. Both parties need to be aware and every progress such as when an item has been delivered and returned needs to be updated through the email the owner receives. 

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What time do I need to return the item?

One day’s rental is counted as a 24 hour period from the time you picked up the item.

That means if you rented an item for one day and picked it up at 10am Monday, the default is that the item would be due back on 10am Tuesday – unless you and the owner have agreed in writing to an alternative time.

It’s important that you return the items on time as many of our owners have back to back rentals. Owners are entitled to request late fees should you return the items after the return time.

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What happens if I damage the product?

If you, the Renter, caused damage to the item/product, we will forfeit your deposit. Individuals that frequently damage items/products rented will potentially be removed from using RentSmart.

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Can I reschedule or extend the date of my rental?

How to reschedule the dates of your rental

  1. Get in touch with RentSmart and provide the order number and the new dates for the rental
  2. RentSmart will confirm with the owner on the reschedule request
  3. Upon confirmation from the owner, we will reschedule the rental booking

How to extend your rental period

  1. Contact RentSmart for the dates you’d like to extend and the order number
  2. RentSmart will contact the owner to confirm the extension request
  3. Upon confirmation, RentSmart will credit RM100 to your account funds to offset security deposit
  4. Go to the the product page, select the extension dates and book online

If the owner’s unable to accommodate your request for a reschedule or an extension, that must be respected.

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I want to extend my rental period, how does the fee going to work?

If the owner approves your request for an extension, you can keep the item with you until the the new date ends and the daily rate will remain the same without any surcharge. Please refer the picture below for a better understanding. In this case the daily rental fee is RM10.

I want to extend my rental period, how does the fee going to work? | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New Buying
Say it’s originally a 3-day rental period and starts at 12 pm on 1 Oct, and supposed to complete by 12 pm on 4 Oct. Total fee is RM30, but it got extended to 8 Oct making it a 7-day rental now. The new rental period will start on the time it finishes, which in this case should be at 12 pm on 4 Oct and finishes by 12 pm on 8 Oct. Total rental fee now is RM70.

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If the owner fails to keep their end of the deal, are they penalized?

RentSmart will first conduct an investigation to determine why the Vendor did not keep their end of the deal. Not adhering to our terms of service is a breach of trust between the Vendor and RentSmart, and appropriate action will be taken.

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