Why do I need to get verified?

As a renter, when you provide identification info, it builds trust in the RentSmart Asia community. It also helps us keep RentSmart secure, safe from fraud, and protect owners and their products. Apart from that we would need your identification info for our insurance guidelines as well

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When will you be asked to get verified?

This is a process which enables us to maintain a safe environment for both renters and owners here on RentSmart.

Verification is a two-step process
Step 1: Account verification
Sign up to RentSmart with your email address or you can connect with your Google, Facebook or Yahoo accounts.

Step 2: Identity verification
In order to rent an item, you need to be verified by our system. This is only going to be done on your first rental. You have to use your National Identity Card and if you’re a foreigner, you can use your passport instead.

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Is it safe to submit my ID to RentSmart?

In order to ensure our users are genuine and safe to the RentSmart Asia’s community, we ask renters to go through a verification process by giving out their personal details. Giving us this information is an act of trust which we don’t take lightly. We are also PDPA Compliant, an act which protect user’s personal data.

For full details on what information we collect, how we store it and who we share it with, just click below: https://www.rentsmartasia.com/privacy-policy/

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Will my identification info be used anywhere else?

At RentSmart, the act of asking for your identification can provide assurance to the store owners that all renters on RentSmart are genuine and trusted. The information helps us check that everyone is who they say they are—and therefore, we can do an even better job of keeping swindling users away from RentSmart.

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How long does identity verification take?

On average it only takes 1 minute or 3 minutes at most to complete the verification process.

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What do I do if the verification keeps failing?

Just ensure the image of your National Identity Card or passport is clear and detectable. Keep an eye on the lighting as well, since a glaring light in the background might cause an unsuccessful verification.

If you face any problem to upload or take photo using your computer’s camera, you can do the verification process via email or mobile number and continue the same process on your mobile phone instead.

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I can’t get through the verification. What do I do?

Get in touch with us by sending an email to customer.care@rentsmartasia.com and we will try our best to solve the issue.

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