For Renters

As part of the verification process of products uploaded unto RentSmart, the Vendor is expected to also include images that certifies the product is authentic. Either they include certificate of authenticity, or tags/labels that certifies the product is not fake.

We will investigate to determine which party is at fault and remedial action will be taken subsequent to our investigation. There is no impact to you as a Renter if you did not damage the item/product. However, if you, the Renter, caused damage to the item, we will forfeit your deposit.

If you, the Renter, caused damage to the item/product, we will forfeit your deposit. Individuals that frequently damage items/products rented will potentially be removed from using RentSmart.

Supply of items depends on individuals that rent items out. If the item you are looking for is generic, you might be able to find similar items from other Vendors (owners). However if the item you are looking for is specific, then you will be able to determine the availability of the item from the calendar booking.

RentSmart is exclusively partnered with GoGet. If you use RentSmart’s delivery service, we’ll make the booking directly with GoGet.

Since RentSmart Asia is new, most of the products & users are not reviewed yet. However, to ensure that the users are trustworthy, we have verified the identity of every user on the platform. This is assurance enough to trust the users and their respective products.

Yes, more products will be offered in the future. If you have a product that you are willing to rent, feel free to use our services.

Setting up an account is completely free of charge.

RentSmart Asia charges the Renter a platform fee of 6% of the total amount.

An investigation will be conducted to determine why the Vendor failed to secure their end of the deal, upon which, the Renter’s money is refunded if the Vendor is found to be at fault.

We have 2 methods to get in touch with the Vendor:

  • Product Enquiry: You have the option to enquire about the product; this is usually public conversation and relates to general information about the product. Questions that are relevant, would be released to the product page, which will allow other users to see the questions and answer.
  • Chat: Upon booking the item, you also have the option to chat with the Vendor to decide what time the item needs to be delivered.

RentSmart would contact the vendor to find out why they failed to show up. If the reason is negligence, RentSmart will take the appropriate action.

RentSmart will first conduct an investigation to determine why the Vendor did not up keep their end of the deal. Not adhering to our terms of service is a breach of trust between the Vendor and RentSmart, and appropriate action will be taken.

For Owners (Vendors)

New method may be introduced in the future, however as of now, the current method is required to ensure that every user is properly verified.

You have 24 hours from the time the item is damaged to inform RentSmart. After conducting our investigation, we will forfeit the Renter’s deposit & that will be handed over to the Owner.

Secondly we will also inform the insurers of the damage. The insurers will determine the value the item is indemnified. Individuals that frequently damage items / products rented could potentially be removed from using RentSmart.

Yes, RentSmart has teamed up with an insurance broker to provide a cover for items that are rented out through RentSmart. The insurance will indemnify the owner in respect of loss or damage as hereinafter provided by payment in cash, repair or replacement not exceeding the limit of RM 5,000.

Every item is indemnified up to RM 5,000. The risk is up to you, the Owner (Vendor), to list items valued more than RM 5,000.

Same procedure would happen if it happened vice versa. RentSmart Asia would call up the customer and find out why they failed to show up.

From the moment the customer sets an order, we will make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Even after the deal has been made, we would check up with the vendor to ensure that the product is not damaged. We’d also check in with the customer to see if they were satisfied with the overall transaction.

Yes, you may put up any reasonable item on the site. No indecent products as mentioned in the Terms of Service.

Changes on the website should not affect the actual product or steps taken to book a product. Unless it’s a change up in the system then vendors would be informed as stated in the terms of service.

If there’s a breach in the terms of service, RentSmart Asia has the right to remove or ask you to remove the products without warning. Please do read the Terms of Service before signing up.

You can post as many as you want to offer. No indecent products as stated in the Terms of Service.

RentSmart takes a 16% commission from the Vendor (the owner) against the Total Rental Fee.