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Have a peace of mind when renting at RentSmart. Every item is insured and all users need to go through a secured verification process before they can rent. You can be rest assured in the event of your item(s) being damaged or lost RentSmart will indemnify you up to RM10,000 and ensure your income is also protected.

Automatically protects ALL store owners

Automatically protects ALL store owners

Protects users from start until end of rental

Protects users from start until end of rental

Unmatched with any other rental service provider

Unmatched with any other rental service provider

What Do We Protect?

RentSmart Protects:

RentSmart Doesn't Protect:

Rent Worry-Free

Safe and secured

Every user either a store owner or a renter will have to go through a verification process by submitting their personal information using their NRIC or passport.

24/7 Customer care support

Our customer service agents will always be available in case if something happens to your item or any other enquiries.

easy communication

Chat with the owner or vice versa with our RentSmart Chatty if you have something to address regarding the product or any other matters.

We are the first pioneers of RentSmart. I’m glad your platform has the insurance cover for all our equipment as we’re in the rental business. I remembered one of our equipment broke from a renter last time. No need for hassle to claim our insurance, just a few documents and one form to fill and there you go our insurance is ready to be claimed just in a short period. 



Rental Safety Tips

Make sure to get the handover code from the renter before giving out the item. Take photos or a video of your item before it goes out on rent and if your item has a core function you need a video of this working. These need to be time stamped as well.

How to File a Damage Claim

1. report to rentsmart

Login to RentSmart and submit the Insurance Claim form from the Owner Dashboard.

2. gather evidence

Fill up the claim form and submit to as much detail as possible with regards to the incident and images of the damage.

3. Claim

RentSmart will examine the case, determine which party is at fault submit the claim request to the insurance providers

Got questions?

Have a look at our questions and answers page to help you understand better:

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