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The world of photography has definitely evolved from the age of black and white photos to capturing something that’s beyond humans capability, namely taking a picture of the space or an aerial shot from the sky. A lot of variety has been added to photography and as we’re moving forward in time, more new cameras are born. Not only that, camera rental is also doable in this day and age.

At this moment, we already have drones and 8K resolution cameras available and they are definitely not cheap to get. Professional photographers or someone who does photography as a job most probably will get their hands on them but for newcomers, those types of cameras are not very much affordable.

That is why some people opt for renting instead. Not only can they try it before actually buying it, they can also get it at a cheaper price for the same product. On RentSmart, we make this possible by providing various authentic camera rental from trusted owners. Today we’re gonna delve into the 5 most popular categories for photography that people are renting on at RentSmart.

Before we go into the list, let me just tellcamera for rent you that on RentSmart, apart from lenses and camera rental respectively, we also make photography equipment available to those who don’t want to rent cameras and only looking for specific equipment. From lighting equipment to tripods and wireless microphones, all these can contribute to a very well-done videography or photoshoot.

Though they are not our main category for film & photography, we still put a lot of attention to it and diligently make sure that we provide enough variety to the customers.

5. Lenses

Top 5 Categories for Camera Rental on RentSmart | Blog | RentSmart Asia | Renting Is The New Buying

Coming up at number 5, we have camera lenses. For people or photographers who are looking for a specific lens, they can do it here at RentSmart. We offer a variety of choices for people who are only looking for lenses they can choose from. We are aware that you cannot use the same lens for all camera brands and that’s why we make sure that we cover all lenses for each camera brand on our site. Users are free to browse around the lens category and pick the one they desire.

4. Camcorder

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A camcorder, or a video camera is one of the camera photography used specifically for video capturing or shooting. This is different from the rest of categories who mainly focus on capturing pictures. They are usually bigger in size but also come in a handheld size. People would rent a camcorder for corporate events and mass tv production. The price for this type of camera rental is usually higher for a typical camcorder and imagine the price for buying it. 

3. Instant camera

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There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the pictures you snapped get printed as soon as it’s taken. Have you heard of instant cameras? They are pretty much the same as polaroid back in the day. Since its collapse in 2001, instant cameras are slowly gaining popularity among people who like their pictures to be printed out immediately. Plus, photos on a film makes it aesthetically pleasing with the retro and vintage feel to it. Some people even make it a hobby and collect old instant cameras as a passion. Instax is an example of an instant camera that we have on the site, which receives a lot of attention among customers and has been rented numerous times upon it got published.


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Coming at number 2, let’s take a look at DSLR, a short term for digital single-lens reflex camera. Probably the most common camera that  professional photographers use for work. They offer very decent shots and they’ve got quite a number of features available. Most convenient one would be the interchangeable lens. They can freely switch lenses whenever they want. Photographers usually have multiple lenses to suit one occasion and with multiple lenses they can come up with varied results for the pictures.

An alternative to DSLR cameras is mirrorless cameras (MILC). What differentiates them is basically mirrorless cameras have electronic viewfinder instead of a reflex mirror or optical viewfinder that a traditional DSLR would have. Features-wise, there’s not much difference between but what separates them apart is that mirrorless ones are lighter, quieter and smaller. They are the most typical camera you would see anywhere and widely used for multiple purposes. We have ranges of brands when it comes to cameras such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

1. Action camera

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Topping off the list is the action camera category. This is one of the most rented categories on our platform. Action cameras are very useful when you are planning to shoot while doing extreme sports or activities, hiking, water rafting, jungle trekking to name a few. Apart from it being extremely durable, it is also waterproof! This is why an avid adventurer or a wanderlust would have at least one action camera with them.

On the other hand, people who are not would rent action cameras instead since it’s cheaper and are not planning to use it again anytime soon. GoPro is an example of action and underwater cameras that are available on RentSmart. Being small, lightweight and easy to carry around makes it the top choice among the cameras in the same category.

Those are all the top 5 categories for camera rental photography. We have been receiving an overwhelming request from customers from the last few months for various types of cameras. We are trying to widen our film & photography category with more products so that we can please everyone’s needs and at the same time gain people’s trust by becoming their top choice of finding camera rental in Malaysia.

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