Rental Safety

We Value Your Items

Safety and security are must-haves in our policy. We highly
encourage our users both owners and renters to stay aware and read up our rental safety tips.

Before Rental Starts

These are some preparatory steps you can do before renting:

After Rental Ends

These are the recommended actions you should take if you find your item is broken after the rental:

You can learn more about how we protect the items with RentSmart Protect here

Overcoming COVID-19

We recognise the huge impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused to your daily lives. We are doing everything we can to ensure the journey of the rental will remain seamless while maintaining the safety & hygiene standards. Take a look at these steps on how we can take precautions amid this pandemic:

Read about the COVID-19 update from the Malaysian Government here


Got questions?

Have a look at our questions and answers page to help you understand better:

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